Looking for your happy place? Here are the 10 happiest countries around the world based on 2022 global rankings.

What makes you happy? The great mathematician Aristotle once said… “Happiness is a state of activity.” All things came on earth with a purpose and human’s main objective in life is to find true happiness. Just like plants need the sun and water to bloom, likewise, us, humans are set to find the things that nourish us with happiness.

Several studies have shown that traveling improves health and relieves stress, and we all know that if we are stress-free we are happier!

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The Gross Domestic Product or GDP is the link in the level of happiness as well as life expectancy, freedom, generosity, social support and trust. We gather information from different accredited sources and surveys to create a list of the happiest countries you can visit!

1. Finland

The happiest place on earth is Finland.

Low crime rate, one way to measure people’s happiness and satisfaction. Finland is one of the safest countries in the world and ranked as #1 in the UN’s 2020 World Happiness Report. With a very low level of corruption, freedom, and a uniform wealth distribution are the biggest parts of why Finland is a happy place to live.

Finland is known for its all year round cold climate, and the best way to enjoy this is by skiing! Levi is the center of all winter activities, a perfect destination for ski trails. If you are on to museums and galleries you should visit the epicenter of the Scandinavian vibes in Helsinki.

Did you know?

If you visit between September and March, you can witness a once in a lifetime northern lights. The best chance to see them is in the northern Arctic circle. While you’re there we recommend the best Winter Gloves for Men Women.

2. Iceland

The second happiest place on earth is again from Europe, Iceland!

Equality, unity and transparency these are the main reasons why Icelanders are happily living in Iceland. The 10% population of Iceland are foreigners, and according to them there are no gap between them and the citizens because they unite and have a strong sense of community.

Of course, the beauty of nature is one big factor why people are happy, and Iceland is surrounded by natural beauty. Iceland, from the name itself, has cold weather. There are magnificent fjords and glaciers the locals and visitors appreciate.

Did you know?

According to Global Peace Index, Iceland is ranked as the safest country in the world. With its small population, Iceland has a very low crime rate and a high level of trust in their police force.

3. Denmark

Yeap, you got it right! The third happiest place on earth is still from Northern Europe, Denmark.

Denmark has been on top of the list according to the World Happiness Report. So why are people in Denmark happy? Social equality and community spirit have been the main key factors for making them delighted.

The country is known for its historic landmarks, museums and culture. Copenhagen, the country’s largest city has tons of tourist attractions to please the travelers and locals. Everyone can experience the Scandinavian vibes by walking around the city.

Did you know?

Danes pay one of the highest taxes but they are satisfied in return. Students don’t need to pay University, patients have the best healthcare provider, childcare is subsidized and the elderly is provided with pensions.

4. Switzerland

In the 2015 World Happiness Report, Switzerland was in the top list among 158 nations ranked for the economic and scientific measures such as GDP per capita, social support, a healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, and generosity.

Switzerland is most famous for it’s well known Swiss chocolates, that it has a great demand all over the world. Well it’s not all about chocolates, Switzerland also has good health services, equality and lifestyle satisfaction that make it easier for the Swiss to say they are happily living in their country.

Here’s a taste of Swiss Chocolate away from Switzerland.

Did you know?

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries to live in? Based on Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, the country is very pricey in terms of housing, food, clothing and health.

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5. Norway

Another safest country is Norway. The people are not just secured in the community but most especially in financial and work opportunities. A psychologist and a renowned happiness researcher in Norway, Ragnhild Bang Nes, said that the access on free education, equality and a healthy work-life balance are the great contributors in Norwegians’ sense of happiness.

A Gulf Stream destination like Lofoten Island, with mild weather despite its location in the Arctic Circle, is a must! Fishing, kayaking, hiking and sometimes a glance at the northern lights are just some of the activities you’ll enjoy here.

Another popular sightseeing at the Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway, is the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Bergen. This place is like a painting in the eyes, the vibrant colors of the houses are very pleasing. Visit Bryggen Museum for some historical background of the city, and there are also shops and restaurants you will surely enjoy.

Did you know?

If you travel in summer in the northern part of Iceland, you will witness the sun not setting. In the city of Tromso, sun only sets for about three to five hours at night.

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6. Canada

All done with European countries. On the west, Canada is one of the happiest places on earth!

Canada is just one of the most admired countries in the world, and is very much expected to be in this list.

According to visaplace.com, the following are the list why Canada is considered one of the happiest country in the world.

  1. Long life expectancy – average of 81.2 years
  2. High average income levels – income per capita $36,138 US
  3. Strong social ties – people are close to everyone
  4. Physical health – about 55% of the people are physically active
  5. Mental health – personally and professionally happy
  6. Sense of community – an integral part of their happiness
  7. Stress levels – low percentage of reported stressed citizens

You will surely love one of the most magical destination in the world, Niagra Falls. Popular activities to do here are trip up to Skylon and the Journey Behind the falls experience.

Want to stay dry and explore the city instead? Old Quebec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the perfect place to see. Where you can see Canada’s historic buildings and museums.

Did you know?

Canada has 10% of the world’s forests. An amazing 396.9 million hectares of forests made of mostly coniferous.

7. Paraguay

Our list of happiest places will not be complete without a runner-up from Southern America. Paraguay, one of the happiest countries in the world, has 85% positive feelings and outcome in life, says the Paraguayans.

Agriculture is the main source of living in Paraguay, having half of the population dependent on farming. The country is very open, no racism and gender issues making everyone comfortable and satisfied.

The main and largest city of Paraguay is Asuncion, where you can see most of the interesting sights. You can enjoy the nature in the second largest city, Ciudad del este, where you can witness the amazing nature and Iguazu Falls.

Paraguay is a subtropical country, characterized by a rainy and summer season. This WATERFLY Sling Backpack can help your journey through different seasons with spacious compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, breathable padding and water repellent bag.

Did you know?

Paraguay is a bilingual country, their native language Guaraní and Spanish. When the Paraguayans speak the same language at the same time, it is called Jopará.

8. New- Zealand

Making it to the top 10 of our list is New Zealand, a breath taking country made of 700 islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Blessed with scenic landscapes, visitors here mostly say they want to stay longer than planned because they find the place harmonious.

New Zealand had been a strong contender in the World Happiness Report since 2015. Queenstown, the country’s main city has so much physical activities to offer. To name a few: bungy-jumping, jet boating, horse-riding, rafting, paragliding and so more! Auckland, on the other hand also serves plenty of unique cuisines and bars.

Did you know?

North of Gisborne, New Zealand is where you can witness the world’s first sunrise each and every day!

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9. Australia

Australia has been a consistent country to be in the World Happiest Report. There are several factors Australia does quite well; Housing, income, community, education, health, safety, work and life satisfaction.

Being the sixth largest country in the world, Australia has great destinations including one of the seven natural wonders in the world, the Great Barrier Reef. The eye-catching beauty of the country can be experienced by tourist destinations and their unique culture.

A wide options of beaches, arts and museums and cities to explore all in one country. Melbourne, the country’s second largest city, offers plenty of world-class restaurants and great museums. Brisbane, the sunshine state, invites all visitors and locals to get wet and soaked in the water activities you and your pals will surely enjoy.

Did you know?

Australia is almost the same size as the mainland USA. Approximately 7,692,024 km, it may not be the largest continent but it’s the world’s largest island.

 10. Singapore

This list would not be complete without an Asian country. Singapore is in the last of the list of the happiest places to visit around the world but the happiest country in Asia.

As a first world country in South East Asia, Singapore has a lot to offer such as high standard of living, excellent health services, family support, better education and a good per capita income.

According to World Happiness Report, Singapore landed the happiest country in Asia Pacific with 6.377 points from 8 points of other countries.

Did you know?

Singapore is a city of (man made) waterfalls. It has three magnificent man made waterfalls,  one in the Jurong Bird Park, Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay and the recent most tallest indoor water fall inside Jewel Changi Airport.

Great infrastructure, tourist spots and food tourism are the main attractions you can enjoy in Singapore. And to top it all, though Singapore government have strict and trusted security system, you will receive your 30 days tourist visa upon arrival.  

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