The Ultimate Airbnb Features And Amenities To Keep Your Vacation Rentals Booked

  • November 22, 2021
Reading Time: 11 minutes
  • November 22, 2021
Reading Time: 11 minutes

Knowing the right features and amenities to include in every rental will help you get high reviews and keep vacation rentals booked.

Everyday hosts struggle to keep up with their guest’s rising expectations of what the minimum features and amenities a host should supply are.

To keep guests satisfied, hosts should focus on their top profit generators, the guest’s must-haves, and use these most requested convenience items that will have guests leaving high reviews on each visit.

The Best Features And Amenities To Keep Your Vacation Rentals Booked

The Top 3 Profit Generators Every Host Needs To Know About

Here are three MUSTS every host should never forget. Think of these like the golden rules of hosting a profitable listing. 

1. Proper staging of your property

Profit Generator! How you stage and fill the rental can have a big impact to your bottom line. Get more bookings from your listing by staging and photographing your rental the right way. The goal of staging and photographing your rental is simple- to make your rental more attractive to guests and travelers.

When staging your property hosts should decide which part of the home to stage. Whether you’re listing a bedroom or a complete home, you should make your spaces as spacious as possible. You should research what guest are looking for in your geographical area.

If you’re by the beach, then a “beach” theme with light colors is typically desirable. This is to give off an impression to your guests that they are indeed on a vacation and not just in an extension of their own private room back home.

The vibrancy, ambiance and overall atmosphere of your room should also be of great importance when staging your rental room. Spaces that do no match the overall vibe of the geographical area will usually have guests leaving mediocre reviews.

Now, when you decide to list your entire property, you have to consider every possible space your guests will more likely utilize during their stay. From your outdoor space, living room, veranda, patio, terrace to gazebo, hosts should stage each of these spaces as attractive as possible.

Sure you may have to invest in decorative and ornamental designs but, this adds texture into your property. Also, you can opt to mix matching textures and colors to achieve a more cohesive look.

After the staging process, hosts should take time to capture quality photographs of the features and amenities of your space. The photos of your property should aim to make your property look spacious, attractive and comfortable to stay at. Always target the larger masses instead of adding your own personal touches….

However… there are some really creative hosts that have an eye for design and have an ability to create epic looking spaces… If this is not you, then you should stick to ideas from Pinterest – you won’t go wrong! (don’t worry as this is what we all do anyways)

🎯 Use this Pinterest board for great ideas

2. Create creative working areas for your

By optimizing your property’s coworking space, your guests will benefit from an increase in productivity, creativity and efficiency. This means they get to close their laptops sooner and enjoy the home and surrounding area faster.

Even though coworking spaces have clear benefits to remote workers, there are still things to look out for that will ruin your guests’ overall coworking experience. Some pitfalls include lack of privacy and distractions in the room. To ensure that your guests have the best coworking experience, hosts should optimize the space by maximizing space, feel, comfort and ambiance. Less is more!

We’ve compiled the most bang for your effort ideas that will have guests leaving high reviews. These optimization revolve around renovating and redesigning your vacation home by creating efficient coworking environment for your guests.

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First, you need the layout of these workspaces to allow for privacy, and that hopefully means some sound isolation. Guests that take many calls or work in call centers will really appreciate this.

Second, invest in a desk and chair. A working desk and chair that is adjustable and ergonomic is the best way to go to keep your guests happy and minimize possible body pains after spending long hours of working. Adding a low cost 1080p monitor of at least 21″ inches is today’s minimum standard.

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Third, fill the space with soft items like throw pillows or easy DIY sound dampeners that create fun wall art. Investing in reducing harsh echo in your workspace will really delight your guest.

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Last…. the lighting condition. So many hosts forgot this! They leave guest in a dark room with no desk light and guests end up with headaches from looking at a bright screen all day. A desk light is an airbnb must have!

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While these efforts will surely win you a high rating and leave you good reviews, you can always decide to improve other areas within your vacation home and transform them into creative working areas. Your guests might want to do some early morning work on your patio while drinking coffee or waiting for the sun to rise. Your extra efforts to give your guests the best alternative working experience is a win-win situation for both of you.

For more details read our article on what remote workers want from vacation rentals.

3. Enhanced descriptions of your property.

While putting extra efforts in staging and photographing your property sets you apart from your competitors, this will not be fully appreciated by your potential renters without the proper descriptions of your property, its features and amenities. Your property descriptions must only include accurate details describing each space of your property.

You need to describe your property how your guests will exactly perceive it when they first see it. The aim of enhancing your property descriptions is for better marketing, better guest reception and more bookings.

A well-written property description describes what matters most about your property. It is a summary telling the story of your property, its features and amenities, location, and any other essential details that will set it apart from other vacation rentals.

Start with a catchy headline to catch the interest of the reader. To ensure an effective headline, it should be specific and professional. Your headline should be more detailed and not vague for your renters. Also, a properly-written headline speaks to the specific needs of your target renters.

Try and tell a story of what guests could expect to encounter. Renters look for the narrative of each property and the way you speak to speak to them is by invoking emotions is the best way to deal with it.

Emphasize your property’s location by going into detail where your property is located, any surrounding establishments and businesses, any nearby beaches or mountain, or any prime locations you think your guests will love to visit.

The top must-haves for your vacation rental

1. Workspaces

Most of Hustle Pad’s guests are either remote workers, freelancers, hustlers, or entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for any vacation spot where they can still have the best space for working while enjoying your property.

It’s become so increasingly popular in recent years to to have a desk in the bedroom that guests actively seek these listings. Workspace offers that are suited for work & creativity do very well.

To guide you through setting up your remote worker’s workspace, we compiled the 7 things to consider when setting up your coworking space.

2. High-speed internet connection

Lets be real.. No internet is only ok if you are explicitly choosing to stay out in the woods in isolation. Outside of that, having a slow internet is like having no internet!

Guests need an internet connection for work, video conference calls, and to brag to their friends about your amazing listing. Speeds should be high enough to deliver a high-speed connection to multiple users during peak work hours, and this typically means 50-250 Mbps as the minimum acceptable speed.

3. Properly stocked kitchen

In preparing meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner, your guests will need basic kitchenware including tableware, cutlery, pans, silverware, glassware and even small kitchen appliances. According to a study, 83% of guests stated that the ability to cook in their vacation home is a big cost-saving factor they normally consider when choosing the right vacation rental.

4. Proper heating & cooling

Nothing is worse than a guest arriving to your vacation rental in Miami during the summer months just to find that the host with a busted AC! Letting events like this happen without a proper heads up to your guests is an easy way to get bad reviews.

Another heads up is about rules for running the AC. if you have electricity limits on your rental always give a heads up before your guests arrive.

5. Towels, linen, robes and slippers

Depending on the property and budget, providing robes, and slippers to complimentary shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body lotion, face wash, soap and mouthwash can go a long way to impress your guests. Things like towels or these comfortable linens are an easy way to keep your guests happy.

6. Storage for clothes

Since mosts guests on Hustle Pads are long-term guests, then it becomes more important to have plenty of storage space. Also similar to a hotel, offering a locker with a key for storing sensitive items like guest’s passports goes a long way to bridging the gap between a hotel experience.

7. Cleaning supplies

Here’s a little secret, keeping a well stocked cleaning kit will actually encourage guests to clean up after themselves… encouraging this to be a mutual responsibility promoting cleanliness and sanitation.

8. Security and surveillance system

The safety and security of your guests is of great importance but always respect their privacy. At Hustle Pads we highly encouraging property owners to install security devices in outdoor and public areas.

Cameras are should only be installed where guests don’t sleep or may change clothes. Please read our Policy on Security Devices for further guidance.

9. Clean water

Bottled water in the fridge has become a basic standard for guests so don’t skip on this. Almost 99% of all hosts do this already so don’t be on the 1% side of this conversation.

This sounds silly and ridiculous to list on a top 10 list but you would be surprised that some locations don’t disclose water access issues to guests. If your property is on an island with a will, always disclose this to guests so they aren’t surprised.

10. Essential pandemic items

Now that COVID-19 is a common and we’re all used to it, we at Hustle Pads recommend keeping hand santizer and a few free disposable masks in your welcome kit.

You also have the option to post informative pamphlets specifying awareness, do’s and don’ts, and proper ways to stay hygienic and protected from communicable diseases.

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The Top 10 Convenience Items

1. Cooking oil and spices

Win some points with guests by having locally sourced ingredients. If you live by a cool farm that does their spices or hot sauce thats a great way to promote local business and things to do.

Also Include simple things like olive oil, salt, pepper grinder, basic seasonings and other spices you think your guests might enjoy. Strange how some hosts keep these out of their pantries.

2. Coffee machine

If you can keep some locally sourced coffee or teas when possible to win some kudo point from your guest.

3. Parking

If your guests need parking passes or need to pay for parking be sure to disclose these ahead of time.

4. Laundry

Since most of your guests arrive without a vehicle its far better to have those services within the home.

5. Emergency Lights

You never know when the power might go out so including some backup power supply is important. Flashlights and some emergency lights is always clutch.

6. Backup water supply

Having a backup water supply is important especially if your water utility services are sometimes interrupted. This might not be needed for your home but for those international locations it’s important to keep this in mind. This is most common on beach homes with wells that require electricity. Having a water purifier and water container to place this water in is important.

7. Premium bedding, sleep masks and ear plugs

Investing in premium bedding is not a bad idea after all.

8. TV Screens & Roku

A host favorite is the Roku since guests can log in when they arrive and set it to erase their logins after they leave.

9. Hair dryer

Not surprising that this made it onto our lists since guests have become used to having finding these in their hotels.

10. Books, board games, DVDs

Your guests will look for any recreational activities without the need to turn on the TV. Keep them entertained with some classic activities..

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