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Introducing Hustle Pads™

Traditional Booking + Flat Rate Booking

Two choices. Complete flexibility.
Hosts and Guests can can choose which booking method works best for them.

Traditional Booking

This is the Traditional Booking (TB) style you are already familiar with on platforms such as Airbnb. Guests can book your entire home based on your calendar rules and availability.

Flat Rate Booking

Flat Rate Booking (FB) is our new booking model that leverages 7-day time blocks and makes it simple for hosts to manage their calendars and stay booked longer.

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Why list your travel pads with Hustle Pads?

Minimum age is 21 years old which means less hassle with a higher age.

Longer stays means more cash.

We targeting semi-extended and long term stay booking with clauses that help protect hosts.

Host your way

Hosts can enable or disable each booking type, set special rates and much more.

Benefits of Flat Rate Booking

  • Hosts set each Travel Tier™ bedroom rates
  • Hosts typically earn more $$ monthly revenue
  • Bring stability to your turnovers. No more 3-day rentals!
  • Enable as many back-to-back Time blocks as you want!
  • During Flat Rate Blocks we’ll fill your listing with qualified guests that have gone through an ID check.
  • Predictable turnover schedule!
  • Hosts can still approve or deny guests while using Flat Rate Booking.
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1. Register

Please confirm your email after registration to get registered.

2. Create Account

Instructions will be sent by email and for hosts wanting to do Flat Rate Booking Blocks™ more details at What is the ideal home for Flat Rate Booking? All host can do Traditional Booking as well.

NOTE: All Hosts must do an ID verification to ensure a safe and trusted platform when listing their first Travel Pad.

This helps keep Hustle Pads safe from false listings and protects our guests from scams. For more details please read our support article on getting verified. Host only do one ID verification regardless of how many Travel Pads are submitted.

All hosts must provide proof of access to the property and legal right to rent out the property.

A Travel Pad is an individual listing on Hustle Pad that a guest considers a home or adventure location they can leverage for travel.

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3. Onboaring

Now the fun begins! Setup your listing and connect to you existing iCal or other calendar to keep your property in sync. Sync each Travel Pad with your calendars.

Yes, we sync to your existing calendar. Each time you publish a listing, you’ll be provided a calendar menu to sync your listings.

When using Flat Rate Booking its important to never double book your calendar when you have enabled Flat Rate Booking. Those time blocks should show as unavailable on other platforms.

It is common for Property managers to list properties on behalf of the owners.

Property managers must show proof of an agreement from the owner that clearly states you are allowed to rent out the listing. All Hosts and property managers are responsible for knowing their local laws and regulations.

Host your Travel Pads™ on Hustle Pads

Travel Pads™ are your host listings on Hustle Pads and they are what guests refer to individual listings.

Our Value To Hosts

Better Guests

Hustle Pads™ delivers a higher qualified guests. Remote workers are typically better mannered than other types of guests. No more high school parties, bachelor parties and undesirable events in your rental. 

Reduced Volatility

Flat Rate Booking levels out your calendar. This reduces your volatility as an owner. No more 3 day rentals and empty days on your calendar.

Less Risk & Higher Payouts

Flat Rate Booking uses a 7-day time block that makes managing turnovers easy and predictable. 

We link to your existing online calendar to enable you to continue booking on other platforms.

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Travel Pads is also known as Hustle Pad. A travel Pad is a home that is available to book.

Travel Pads are homes that are booked by guests on Hustle Pads. Travel Pads are available to book as traditional booking or Flat Rate Booking. Become a host for a travel pad today!

When you become a host on Airbnb is just as easy as becoming a host on Hustle Pads. When you become a host on Airbnb you can also become a host on hustle pads. When you are a host on Airbnb you get any of the same befits of becoming a host on Hustle Pads.