8 Tips to Host a Successful Virtual Airbnb Experience or Hustle Pads Event

  • June 18, 2022
Reading Time: 5 minutes
  • June 18, 2022
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Ready to host on online virtual event on Airbnb Experiences or Hustle Pads Events?

Luckily there’s only a few basic things you need to do in order to look great on camera and set the foundation to deliver a great experience.

First thing you’ll need is the correct video conferencing service followed by some good lighting and audio. The rest of the items on our list are nice to haves that will bring your online event from mediocre to amazing! Expensive event gear does not guarantee you’ll get a standing ovation.

Delivering a rockstar performance

Guests book your event expecting an experience they can’t find anywhere else. These are the 5 presentation tips to focus when delivering to a live audience.

  1. Bring your expertise – Guests are coming to be entertains, learn something or participate in a social way.
  2. Moments of Engagement – Simply asking for participate goes a long way like polls and Q&A.
  3. Simple and Easy – Don’t try and deliver a chemistry lesson to people coming to learn to cook a turkey. They want a bit of entertainment and a unique experience.
  4. Easy to do – Your event should require a low level of supplies and prep.
  5. Story telling – regardless of what your event is about, all great presenters are great story tellers. Keep them brief and relatable and PG13! Be careful not to get yourself in trouble and kicked off the platforms.
  6. Technical performance – This means being able to actually hold a video conference call successfully with no technical issues.

In case you didn’t already know here at Hustle Pads we focus on delivering great experiences to our remote workers, entrepreneurs and retirees. Bring your event to Hustle Pads by becoming a host.

Video Conference Services

Hosting a virtual event on Airbnb and Hustle Pads
Hosting a virtual event on Airbnb and Hustle Pads

Choosing the right event gear includes the video conferencing service for your Airbnb Experience or Hustle Pads Service Providers event.

The short answer is to choose the one with the least friction to your end users, hands down thats the right choice. Stay away from niche video conferencing services that require guests to install anything new. Zoom has become the most installed service and thats the one we recommend for calls with less than 15 guests.

However, if your event is meant to be more technical and your guests would expect a more advanced experienced for those larger events on Hustle Pads like Marketing Masterminds then you’ll need to spice things up.

I (the CEO of Hustle Pads) highly recommend Open Broadcast Service (OBS) since its free and easy to add to your conferencing toolset. The best thing about this is that YouTube is filled with tons of content for you to learn from! Especially those sweet business and marketing mastermind events on Hustle Pads you’ll probably want to spice up your experience.

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Simple lighting for your Airbnb or Hustle Pads virtual event
Simple lighting for your Airbnb or Hustle Pads virtual event

For individual hosts you really don’t need much in terms of video lighting! For less than $50 you can get something to get you started and might be all you ever need. We recommend anything with the following features.

  • LED lights
  • Adjustable colors
  • Remote control
  • 12″ wide at least
  • Mounts for your webcam or cellphone
  • Bonus if it has internal batteries to make it mobile

A great entry choice is this 12.6″ ring light with adjustable color tones and comes with a solid tripod.

For larger productions or your require a certain consistent look then you’ll probably want to get some softbox lights. This Mount Dog softbox light is soft, dimmable, color temp adjustable, has a remote control, comes with the light bulb, stand and carrying case all for ~$50! Best of all you can get two for well under $100!/

The ideal softbox lights for hosting virtual events on Airbnb and Hustle Pads
The ideal softbox lights for hosting virtual events on Airbnb and Hustle Pads


First you need to ask yourself how big your production needs to be. Don’t let all of those YouTube videos about the perfect setup make you think you need a large setup.

For individual hosts and your not going to be moving then a good lavalier like this Rode Go Pro mic is perfect and you can plug it into your phone, laptop or camera for less than $60 typically. Another great device from Rode is the

Perfect Lavalier mic for hosting virtual events on Airbnb and Hustle Pads
Perfect lavalier mic for hosting virtual events on Airbnb and Hustle Pads

For larger productions and when there needs to be two people then multiple lavalliers are needed. But if you’re doing interviews a wireless option is best and easier honestly. A great solution with lots of great reviews is the Rode Wireless GO II.

Perfect wireless mic for hosting virtual events on Airbnb and Hustle Pads
Perfect wireless mic for hosting virtual events on Airbnb and Hustle Pads

If you’re hosting Airbnb Experiences or Hustle Pads events where you’ll be doing virtual tours like exploring a beach virtually then you’ll want to go with an option like this. Another great option is a shotgun mic as well.

3 Nice to have items that will Improve Your Virtual Event

First let’s be clear, these are not absolutely needed. At the ned of the day your presentation skills and ability to get deeper engagement will go further in getting you repeat customers than any of this gear will ever do… That said, this stuff will definitely up your game.

  1. Spare hands. Bribe your kids or the neighbors kid for help with you setup.
  2. Sound dampening. Throw some pillows in front of the direction where you’re talking to absorb some of the reverb in your audio. These are some cool ones that both serve to reduce some of reverb and they look great!
  3. Sound Board – For the more advanced event hosts that stream and need sound effects and better audio fidelity then the Rode RODECaster II is a great choice. It’s been well received in the TWITCH and YouTube community.

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