How To Travel Hack For Less Than What You Pay For Rent

  • February 3, 2022
Reading Time: 12 minutes
  • February 3, 2022
Reading Time: 12 minutes

Want to travel long-term and spend less than what you’re currently paying for rent but don’t know how? Here’s the key — do it like a digital nomad!

The first step in trip hacking is to evaluate your monthly spending following these easy guidelines, and then determine which monthly expenses could be eliminated using our Hustle Pads long-term travel tips and tricks!

Create a travel budget

Travel shouldn’t have to break the bank and it could even leave you with leftover money!

In a study by OnePoll, researchers found that 76% of the respondents wanted to travel more than they currently were and that people’s bucket list of travel goals are never getting reached!

The common reasons were: due to a lack of finances or just feeling unprepared to plan a dream vacation.

The best way to budget for any planned trip is to plan, so travel hack tip number one?— creating a travel budget which will give you an idea of exactly where your money is going, and how much you have leftover for your trip. Your bills may include the following:

To illustrate it clearer, here’s a sample computation of expenses we made using some facts we gathered per capita:

Estimated Average Total Cost of Living in US – $52,956.00 Annually

However, the average cost varies by region. Now that is a lot of bills!

Assuming you’re paying these all by yourself, let’s see how much can you save per month to travel by determining which ones make sense to eliminate, having Hustle Pads as your option.

Utility Bills

Often can be reduced or eliminated from your expenses in the month(s) of travel. Typically the only bill you will have to continue paying is your cell phone bill and if you maintain a residence make sure to unplug as many things as possible before your trip as they can continue to draw power even when they are not turned on!

Crunching over the money and establishing a budget plan is essential to have a successful travel especially if it’s long term and utility bills is the most crucial to manage most of the times, so we assessed the cost of utilities in different regions of the United States and we were able to come up with the average rate of utility expenses as listed below:

Transportation Expenses

This is the number #1 most common expense people cut when moving to the Sharing Economy 2.0. Getting rid of a car that is seldom used can greatly improve your finances each month.

Not having to buy gas, pay monthly car payments, vehicle insurance or maintenance for the car will help you save big bucks! On average this could save you up to $1,000 per month, or more!

Did you know? Simply switching to local transportation such as Uber or Lyft can cost a fraction of this savings! Another reason to start using the Sharing Economy.

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Fitness Membership

You may just want to keep your gym membership. Some travel platforms like Hustle Pads make it even sweeter being affiliated with fitness centers through membership discounts privilege at national gyms & services, especially for gyms within the US & Canada.

Through HustePads Blueprint for travel hacking, you could also get rid of your other regular home expenses, and travel the whole year while saving close to $2,300 every month, or maybe more than that!

Checkout a sample of the computation chart we prepared for you below, using the same data illustrated above:

Now let’s show you how to Live that digital nomad lifestyle you’ve been hearing about all of these years!

Evaluate your new budget!

If you’re looking to take full advantage of the Sharing Economy 2.0, then travel budget evaluation should be your travel hack tip number two!

On average, many travelers will save over $2,300/month after removing most of their expenses especially transportation and rent.

So what can you do with this extra money in your pockets? Of course you’ll want to save or invest some of it but you’re here to travel and maybe, start your digital nomad lifestyle!

Solo traveling popularity has increased by 7%, making up 18% of global bookings. Solo travelers usually take longer trips, at around 19 days on average.

If you want to save as much as you can but still do as much as possible, there are plenty of low-cost activities you can do such as:

  • Visit no-entry-fee museums
  • Go relax at gardens, parks, and national parks
  • Go through some unique villages and experience some of their culture
  • Mountain bike and hike at free trails
  • Sight-see all of nature’s wonders
  • Try one of the many free fishing spots you can fish at
  • Take Kayak Trails

If you’re into sports, you can budget part of your money for a ski resort that has challenging ski or snowboard runs. However, remember that you have to pay a minimal fee for some biking and hiking trails, even museums and parks for their maintenance.

If you want to learn a new sport, there are plenty of people that offer 1-2 to 5-7 days lessons on the basics of the sport and safety measures.

Foodies would certainly partake in a food tour. Food tours usually range from $30 – $100, depending on the length of the tour and the prices of the food. Not only will you have a taste of the locally grown seasonal produce, and unique way of cooking, but you will also experience the unique cultures within the cuisines. Going on beer and wine tasting is something you can enjoy too.

Decide for your preferred length of travel

Based on your new monthly budget, you now know how much to spend towards your travel goals and by now you may already have a pretty-good idea as to what type of travel trip to take. What length of travel are you looking for? Let us help you decide!

Short term stays (1-5 days) are perfect when you’re looking for a short break from work, wanting to take a weekend getaway, or need to take a short business trip. These short trips are cheaper since you’ll only have to pay for a couple of days of expenses and you won’t have to carry a lot of luggage with you either.

Since you will be busy with all your planned activities you won’t have time to think about work. Taking short breaks is proven to increase productivity and focus when you get back to your tasks. A survey by Discover found that 55% of respondents said their summer trips will last 1 to 3 days, compared to 21% who said 4 to 6 days.

Find out what you’ll need to bring for a short term travel to be an effective traveling employee or digital nomad entrepreneur.

A semi-long trip (7-14 days) will give you enough time to actually settle down and enjoy your surroundings. You can spend a day or two just staying in bed and taking some ‘me’ time before eventually venturing out to explore your surroundings.

You could do some activities you love doing but haven’t done in a while, like mountain biking, skiing and surfing to mention a few. Any personal care or health needs you need to take care of can be done during a semi-long travel. You can then start to ease into a digital nomad lifestyle by working on your business or delivering projects on the go.

The same survey by Discover found that 12 percent of who said their trip would last one week, 6 percent said 8 to 13 days and 5 percent said their trip will last two weeks or more.

Long-term travel (month, quarter, year) is perfect for when you want to completely immerse yourself into a new culture while you take your time to visit everything that place has to offer.

When planning for these types of trips, you’ll need different types of packing goals. You’ll need to plan for your ongoing necessities like business supplies, access to medicine and medical services, and also access to tools that can help you deliver your business or travel goals.

These are the type of trips everyone always dreamt doing but in doubt of being able to afford long trip expenses, worry no more because Hustle Pads has a solution for you!

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Use the Hustle Pads’ Blueprint for long term travel

This time, let’s give a quick rundown on how the sharing economy works. There are many ways to share resources and assets with like-minded people. The first model of the sharing economy started in 2008 with Airbnb & Uber and the world has never been the same since.

With sharing economy users, 2016 was topping 44.8 million adults, this figure is forecasted to increase to 86.5 million users by 2021. And this 2021, the world will see the next evolution of the sharing economy, and Hustle Pads is at the forefront of the Sharing Economy 2.0!

Check out our in-depth review on how you can benefit from sharing economy 2.0.

The HustlePads blueprint is geared towards medium to long term stays ranging from 7 days to over a year! Hopefully that excites you to learn that there is a way where you can focus more on your bread and butter – jobs and roles while traveling long term.

Our entire goal at HustlePads is to make long-term traveling a lifestyle that is realistic and permanent (or as permanent as you would like it to be). Why rent a house or condo or buy a house only to want to move in a year or so due to desire or necessity?

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We’ve all had it happened, we get an apartment or buy a house and all of a sudden a new opportunity comes up and we’re forced to liquidate our belongings and move. Even so, 11% of people have never traveled outside of the state they were born in.

At Hustle Pads you can stay at any of our locations based on one flat price that’s tiered to your traveling goals! Depending on how fancy or streamlined you want your lifestyle to be, we got you covered. With monthly travel plans starting at $899/month and all the way to $5,500/month for truly distinguished adventures.

At each HustlePad there’s no need to worry about high-speed internet service or effective working spaces, so you can definitely work at the comfort of your Hustle Pad that feels like home. You can rest assured you’ll arrive at your new HustlePad with all the amenities of home for your convenience. You can even get up to $50 of food pre-filled in your fridge before you walk into the door!

You choose your tier, and we provide the opportunity for you to travel, save money and grow your network while you create new memories, engage in interesting conversation and work on your business or goals. The real question is… What type of adventure will inspire you this month?

Choose Your Adventure Type

Around 56 percent of global travelers agree that traveling has taught them invaluable life skills. With an average of $3,200 more money in your pockets every month, you can already decide what activities you want to partake while you’re traveling.

However, thinking of all the hours you’ll have to research destinations or spending time price hunting and researching whether or not those destinations have easy access to the types of adventures you’re looking for, it would be nice if there’s a platform who groomed the rental properties from around the net and looked under each proverbial rock to find curated rentals for your dream adventure type.

Hustle Pads have your back! And that’s surely one great “dream come true” stuff! We have it all ready for you and your only planning requirement each month is just deciding what your next adventure would be.

Our team has collected experiences based on adventure types as listed below. Simply start with a core theme you’ll want in this trip and then search by available locations based on your desired type! Its that easy and that’s the only planning you’ll do each cycle.

Each month you’ll meet new and interesting people looking hustle and have similar adventures just like yours. Feel free to choose which type of adventure you feel like doing during your Hustle Pads journey. Take note that these are just some of what you can ideally do but the list never ends here, so feel free to let us know if you want any other epic adventures worth putting on the list.

Core Adventure Types

Beach/OceanParks/Amusement Parks
Surfing/SwimmingLow Cost
Unique CultureKayaking/Fishing
Ski/SnowboardFood Culture
Mountain BikingWineries/Breweries/ Garden
Natural Wonders/SightseeingMuseums
Disc GolfGolf
City LifeTech Hub/Startup Hub
Night LifeRecreational Activities


This digital era, you may be someone who loves eSports more than any other adventures you could have and so we prepared a Hustle Pad suitable for your need. This typically means that the house is abundant with TVs and monitors for gaming.

Exploration Activity

This is the type of adventure that includes camping, exploration trips, farm settings, hiking and trail running. The world is worth exploring, especially when you do it together with Hustle Pads!

Extreme Activity

For an outdoor-lover who loves extreme adventures, we know that a vacation won’t be complete without adrenaline pumping activities. So as a Hustle Pads’ guest, you will have access to skydiving, bungee jumping, and hang gliding to make your journey with us worth a lifestyle.

Hunting & Fishing

Having a bad day at the sea is still a lot better than having a bad day at the office, and for some reasons, hunting or fishing serves as a stress reliever to most people who feel the sense of being alive doing these activities. That is why we are making fishing, archery and other related activities available for you.

Signature Activity

These are the most special wide activities that Hustle Pads can offer, and you surely won’t miss out! These are the kinds of activities that will improve your knowledge, interest, and activity engagement in many ways.


Stay in shape while on vacation through sports like golf, mountain biking, rock climbing, and a lot more!

Water Activity

There are more reasons to enjoy water than just swimming! Enjoy your access to boats, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and related activities. Joining any of these activities is a perfect way to cool off and have a lot of fun.


Indulge in your access to places with extraordinary significance, picturesque, enjoyable such as museums, parks and unique local culture, and make a new difference to your experience!


What hustlers want, hustlers get! That’s why we are here to support you through hubs and events that are related to top business incubators, masterminds and other business themes.

These products have been reviewed by our editorial team and or have been reviewed by other amazing travelers. By using our links it helps to support our Hustle Pads Travel Magazine and we may earn commission.

These products have been reviewed by our editorial team or other users. By using our links it helps to support our Hustle Pads Travel Magazine and we may earn commission.

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