The Hustle Pad – a daily goal planner (2 pack)


The Hustle Pad your only goal setting planner and marketing planer you’ll ever need while you travel. Take it on the plane, take it wherever your journeys take you.

Sold as a TWO pack. Each planner is designed to be used for two months.

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Hustle Pads daily goal planner. Its called a Hustle Pad for a reason. Achieve your goals faster by goal setting daily.

  1. Allows for TWO months of daily goal setting .
  2. Comes with a 12 month marketing calendar or product launch calendar
  3. Also comes with our FREE Hustle Pads goal setting workshop you can complete in less than 45 minutes!

Complete the goal setting workshop while you’re on the plane or whenever you need a refresh on how to maximize the benefits of our daily goal planner.