The Best Rated Travel Packing Checklist for Millennials

  • January 27, 2022
Reading Time: 12 minutes
  • January 27, 2022
Reading Time: 12 minutes

Excited for the next trip but confused about what to pack for your short or long vacation trip? Don’t worry, we got you covered as we help you prepare your travel packing checklist and provide you tips on how to pack!

A perfect travel packing checklist should describe what to pack, how to pack and help you decide what’s essential for each weather condition. Follow these simple tips and tricks to optimize your packing list for a smooth and efficient trip!

Start your travel planning the right way

Wouldn’t you like to travel without worrying that it will rain and you forgot to bring an umbrella? Or in the bright sunny summer you forget to bring sunscreen lotion?

We can be too excited for our trip and forget to pack the essentials. But with Hustle Pads’ tips and tricks, you can avoid these situations and be guided on what to pack and how to pack with our Best Travel Packing Checklist.

Hustle Pads offers a wide range of travels in long-term trips to give our guests the most adventurous nomadic lifestyle. This article is to help you, a millennial, optimize your travel packing checklist for a smooth and efficient trip!

Travel planning helps you prioritize and maximize your journey. Depending on your destination, you could have a variety of sights or only a little. Whatever it is, prioritizing what you want to revel in will play a vital role in how a lot of these experiences you may have in the course of your excursion.

20% of travelers are millennials age 23 – 39 years old. Taking 5 to 7 trips a year, travel has been a priority for most of them; one undeniable reason is the increasing demand on the use of social media. Millennials are making ways to fit in their budget on a mini vacation – something to post online.

However, no matter how long your trip is, travel planning and listing the travel essentials is a must! But how to know if you’re under packing or over packing? Knowing what to pack will eventually lead you how to pack efficiently.

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First in your travel planning, you must understand what type of travel you’ll be doing. According to The Henley College, there are many travel motivations, but statistically, there are 3 major reasons why people travel and these are Business, Leisure and Visiting Friends and Relatives. Smart packing involves how to pack when travelling on these different reasons why people travel.

Your Travel Type

  • Business Trips include meetings, conferences and exhibitions that usually last 1-5 days. On business trips, you will mostly need corporate attire, heels or leather shoes, and gadgets such as a laptop. A cozy shirt and pants should also be in your luggage for a side trip while on meeting breaks.
  • Leisure Trips, on the other hand, are for the purpose of pleasure, recreation, relaxation and special interest. This type of travel could be in short or long trips; you could be in the beach, mountain or cultural sites. According to Responsible Travel Org, 13% of millennials travel for leisure with an average of 7.4 trips per year.
  • Visiting Friends and Relatives type of travel is simply as it says. We all enjoy and love attending weddings, occasions and celebrations, especially with friends and relatives. Pack your most comfortable clothes and shoes, as for this type of travel, you have to be your most comfortable self with your favorite people.

Your Travel Duration

The next thing to remember is how long your trip will be. Will it be short? Semi long? Or a long trip? A travel packing checklist should take into account your travel duration, how many clothes you’ll bring, toiletries and other essentials.

In this process, you will know how to pack properly the items in your travel packing checklist. The process in preparing how to pack will certainly make your travel much efficient.

  • Short Term Trips (1-5 days) are usually a business trip or a short holiday break. These short breaks from work or school are often the target of airlines for presale and cheap tickets. A hardside carry on luggage with spinner wheels should be enough to pack your 5 days worth of day and night outfits. If you are comfortable wearing your night outfit at least twice during your trip, you could save some space for your toiletries. And though a short term trip is only a few days break, you still won’t like to forget anything important.

Women Must-haves for a short trip carry-on luggage

Men Must-haves for a short trip carry-on luggage

  • Semi Long Trip (6-14 days) is enough to explore a new city, venture into the mountain or learn the culture of your destination. These semi-long trips are sometimes celebrated for honeymoon, visiting family or friends and sometimes the most awaited leave you’ve been saving in a year. Travel planning for a longer trip like this, you most likely need to bring check-in luggage for longer trips. The list below are the things you should include in your travel packing checklist.

Travel Essentials: 

  • ID cards
  • Passport
  • Ticket
  • Visa
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate/Negative Result
  • Medications and First Aid kit


  • Shirt
  • Pants/Shorts
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Jacket
  • Sleepwear
  • Flip-flops
  • Shoes
  • Sunglasses


  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Sunscreen Protection
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Comb
  • Towel
  • Lip Balm
  • A Bag for dirty clothes

don’t forget Items!

  • Camera
  • Cellphone
  • Charger and Adaptors
  • Headphones
  • Selfie stick
  • A Book to read
  • Water Bottle
  • Long Trip (month, quarter or year) could be any type of travel but that doesn’t mean you need to bring everything from your closet. Always remember, smart packing is better than over-packing. Hustle Pads is capable of making your long trip possible. Whether you are traveling alone, a digital nomad or an adventurous travel packer.

Travel Packing Checklist for Millennials

Millennials are the most adventurous travelers in the world. Millennials take any type of travel at their preferred travel duration, therefore the travel industry should keep up on their needs and preferences.

15 Travel Essentials for Millennials:

  1. Money – Cash or credit card, you should always carry enough money you need for your daily travel needs. Carrying so much cash with you is not recommended. Use ATM that are mostly available in popular destinations for cash withdrawals.
  2. Laptop – Work could still be done while having fun traveling. The laptop should be placed inside your hand-carry luggage.
  3. Charger/Powerbank – Not taking photos or videos of some exciting events on your travel is annoying. Do not forget to bring your cellphone charger, power bank and extra battery.
  4. Headphones – Music is a must! Though there are wireless headphones available now, a wired headphone could save you time having it charge every time it will drain.
  5. Camera – The best camera for travel is an action camera. It is small yet capable to capture sports and adventures on your travel.
  6. Mobile Wifi – Be online wherever you are! If you are a blogger, you are required to update your content and post on social media and overseas data roaming could be expensive, bring pocket wifi with you and stay active.
  7. Sunglasses – You will need eye protection from the sun, also an added fashion statement while on the road.
  8. Comfortable Shoes – Long walks and runs will require comfortable shoes. Bring an all-around shoe, for casual use, walking or hiking.
  9. Sunscreen – Skin protection is a must, especially for activities under the sun.
  10. Book – Bring one or two, a book could save your dull moments in the plane.
  11. Water Bottle – Keep yourself hydrated all the time. A reusable water bottle is sustainable and keeps your water cold.
  12. Travel Jeans – A comfortable, stretchy pair of jeans with pockets is travel friendly.
  13. Swimsuit – Always be prepared and pack a swimsuit.
  14. Packing Cubes – For a more organized suitcase, packing cubes help keep your clothes and other items in a compact space.
  15. Travel backpack – Invest in a high-quality backpack for heavy-duty travel. Backpack is very helpful for any type of travel where you can keep your important items such as passport, travel documents, electronic gadgets and hygiene essentials.

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How to pack like a pro

6 Tips and Tricks for Smart Packing

Not sure how you can fit all your clothes in your luggage? Packing bulky items could easily eat up all the space you have. These simple tips and tricks on how to pack are here to lighten up your burden.

  1. Don’t bring easy-to-wrinkle clothes so you won’t worry ironing them. Not all accommodations have iron and ironing board. It is safe to bring fabrics such as wool, polyester, cashmere or spandex.
  2. Pack at least 5 days’ day and night outfits in case laundry is not available in your accommodation. It is easier for you to do weekly laundry especially if you’re traveling longer and your accommodation does not have a washer.
  3. Most accommodations offer complimentary toiletries, so bring only a few that you use like your preferred shaving cream or hair conditioner. Always pack your toiletry essentials in proper storage to avoid leaks.
  4. Your travel planning should include good quality and well-reviewed packing cubes for more organized luggage. Packing cubes help segregate your things in the most organized way.
  5. Place your most valuable belongings such as passport, camera, laptop, cords, and medications on your carry-on travel bag, not just for security purposes but for easy access when needed.
  6. When traveling solo, bring only 2 -3 bags (your carry-on backpack, your carry-on luggage and your check-in luggage), as transferring from airport to accommodation can be a bit of a hassle if you have more than what you can carry.

Folding hacks and travel DIY’s

The best travel packing checklist wouldn’t be complete without folding tips and how to pack advice especially for short term trips where you’re only bringing a carry-on suit case. Save time with these simple folding hacks and travel DIYs that will give you extra room for all of that shopping you’ll do on your trip.

How To Pack Travel Essentials I Need In My Backpack During The Pandemic

It may not be the usual “normal” to travel during this time of pandemic, but guests should be prepared against Covid-19. These are the things you must include in your travel packing checklist and how to pack the right way.

  • Prepare your vaccine certificate to have with you all the time. Most airlines, hotels and attractions may require one.
  • Prepare a Covid-19 Negative Result as needed.
  • Always have clean extra face masks in your carry-on travel bag.
  • Sometimes there’s no nearest washroom to wash hands, so compact sanitizing wipes and alcohol are helpful to keep clean hands.

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How to Pack For Multiple Weather Climates

Your destination’s weather is important in the travel planning process. It is a major concern for a traveler in choosing a destination to determine what and how to pack. To make sure you will have a smooth and weather-prepared trip, your travel planning should include being ready and knowing what will be the weather on your destination.

What If I’m going to a hot and cold place?

Layers are the key here. With variable weather you’ll want to focus on layers with multiple uses. Wool is a great example, as it’s both warm and breathable. Marino wool in particular has the ability to wick away sweat while still providing warm properties depending on thickness.

What is a good packable jacket in case it’s mostly warm but I want a just-in-case backup?

Got a short term trip and need an on the go jacket? The editor’s choice for best backup jacket that compresses down into a small size is the Decathlon Trek 100 down jacket. This takes smart packing to the next level. Take it hiking, take it on the plane, pack it into a small ball and bring it everywhere on your travels without worrying about its size.

The weather forecast may not be 100% accurate, however, it is better to be prepared than being sorry. Use weather information as your guide for your travel.

Checking the weather forecast will help you how to pack for the most appropriate clothes and essentials. Check out a list of apps you can download for accurate weather forecasts.

A preview of the US weather from Wikipedia

Being the third largest country in the world with 50 states, US has six climate regions; tropical rainy, dry, temperate marine, temperate continental, polar, and highlands.

If you are traveling within the US, here is an overview of the country’s weather.

SouthwestHas a hot desert climate at lower elevations
Gulf Coast/Lower Mississippi Velley/South AtlanticStates have a humid subtropical climate with mostly mild winters and hot, humid summers
Northern Great Plains/North-Sentral/Great Lakes/New EnglandStates have a humid continental climate
Pacific NorthwestHas an oceanic climate
Southern Plains/Lower Midwest/Middle East CoastHas a temperature climate with cool to cold winters and hot, humid summers
Hawaii Has 11 different climate zones, influenced by altitude and topographical effect on wind and rainfall.
Caribbean territoriesHas different climatic zones, all tropical.
Pacific territoriesA trade-wind tropical rainforest climate.

FREE Travel Packing Checklist for different weather climates

Winter/Snowy Destination

1. Down Jacket
2. Thermals
3. Scarves
4. Beanie
5. Boots
6. Gloves
7. Lip balm
8. Moisturizers
9. Sunscreen
10. Ski Equipment

Summer/Sunny Destination

1. Swimwear
2. Coverups
3. Quick Dry towel
4. Sunglasses
5. Comfy Flip-flops
6. Sun hat
7. Sunscreen
8. Moisturizer
9. Water Bottle

Humid/Rainy Destination

1. Rain Jacket
2. Quick Dry Clothes
3. Water Resistance Backpack
4. Waterproof Shoes
5. Travel Umbrella

Travel Planning: What not to pack for your international travel

  1. Don’t pack any sharp objects in your luggage, it’s not allowed on most flights (knives, blades, and scissors).
  2. Don’t keep a lot of cash with you. Keep only what is needed and use a cash card instead.
  3. Don’t carry too many electronic gadgets. If your travel is all about leisure, a laptop will not be necessary unless you need to work on the side.
  4. Don’t pack jewelry. Jewelry is an added weight, but if you need to bring, you can wear it.
  5. Don’t pack food, more specifically wet food that could easily spill on your things. If necessary, bring dry food like energy bars or nuts.

The most important part of traveling is planning. After booking your transportation, accommodation and list of activities, you should think through the things you need to pack for your trip to complete your travel packing checklist.

Use the most efficient travel bag and luggage based on your needs. Learn how to pack so would not over-pack. And pack according to your travel type, travel duration and based on your destination’s weather.

The Best Rated Travel Packing List is a perfect guide for first time travelers or even seasonal ones. Include this checklist when you are travel planning for your short term trip or even your long term ones.

You are now all set for your next travel and adventures! Gather new memories and experiences, worry-free!

These products have been reviewed by our editorial team and or have been reviewed by other amazing travelers. By using our links it helps to support our Hustle Pads Travel Magazine and we may earn commission.

These products have been reviewed by our editorial team or other users. By using our links it helps to support our Hustle Pads Travel Magazine and we may earn commission.

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