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5 Event Ideas


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Are you a meal prepper with years of experience? Show off your skills and add your flare.


5 Ideas You Could Do Today

5 Ideas You Could Do Today


Just make sure not to suck. If you're already an instructor then this is an easy money maker.

5 Ideas You Could Do Today


Are you a baker or do you own a bakery? Host your event from your kitchen or store. Build your existing brand or start one.

5 Ideas You Could Do Today

Dance  Lessons

Picture this... Couples online dance lessons where you teach them a few steps. Great for repeat business!

5 Ideas You Could Do Today


We've seen creative events like 'The History of Gin' while you teach how to make some yummy mixed drinks

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great reviews

UNIQUE & Interesting 

Topics should be something that most people would never have access to doing... and thus unique.

What Makes A Good Event?


Events with lots of engagement do better. Give opportunities for questions and comments.

What Makes A Good Event?

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