A Guide On What Remote Workers Want From Vacation Rentals

  • February 28, 2022
Reading Time: 6 minutes
  • February 28, 2022
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Keep your remote workers happy with your sustainable working space and some complimentary office supplies or tools ready at your property.

Sustainable Working Space, Dependable Internet Connection and Quiet Working Environment are the main essentials for them in a vacation rental. Coffee Maker, Tea Kettle and Laundry Equipment are the other essentials they would appreciate too.

We saw a large shift to remote working with the ability to travel and work anywhere. This pandemic made us, especially those who are working remotely and freelancers, think about staying out of our property and look for a vacation rental to do our work and enjoy traveling at the same time.

Here’s 5 Surprising facts about remote workers and why its profitable to short term rental

1. The Staggering Statistics

In 2021 stats, those working remotely in the US have counted to 4.3 million, about 3.2% of the entire workforce. Since the pandemic hit and as technology has become more advanced, the number of companies who have become open to working remotely has significantly increased.

They give home rental owners a broader market especially during these times.

2. Their Expanding Future

Looking forward, five years from now, full time remote workers could double its number. Companies are adapting more to the aggressive changes in working styles as technology and high speed internet have become more accessible to most people.

Their continuous rise can definitely benefit the short term rentals, hosts are confident that there are guests who want to travel in any season.

3. Diversified Careers on Remote Working.

As the growing numbers of companies who hire them, the job positions who adapt work from home setup keep on expanding also. Check the 13 Fast-Growing Careers for Flexible Jobs in 2021.

4. Their Location Requirements.

Five out of ten employees enjoy having a flexible work space, time and place. Surprisingly, they often choose to stay in their preferred location because of different factors. Some might consider tax laws, client-based work, licensing, travel, or other personal or professional factors.

At Hustle Pads, we promote travel and leisure on an advanced level. We offer longer travel and accommodation stays to serve better our digital nomad.

5. Working at Home Improves Mental and Physical Health.

Opportunities to improve and grow outside your comfort zone are priceless. I mean, who wouldn’t like to experience a new culture, meet new friends or build more connections while maintaining your constant work system? ​

Studies have shown that working at the comfort of your home or Hustle Pads improves Mental and Physical Health.

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Key benefit of having remote workers as your guests.

Sustainability. The number one benefit of having a digital worker or freelancer as guest is that they intend to book your property in a longer period than the traditional booking. A sustainable place with high speed internet and access to their essentials is a must so that they can focus during working hours.

Given the facts about their undeniable demand, short term rentals are benefiting from the desire of the freelancers to stay out of their property and look for a vacation rental to do their work and enjoy traveling at the same time.

Why do remote workers choose to work on the road

Some of those working remotely take the advantage of the flexible hours and working space they have that they grab the opportunity to travel while working.

Slow-madism are digital nomads that slowly moves from one destination to another. They stay longer in a remote work friendly accommodation with stable internet connection while taking side trips and travel activities.

Hiking, Cycling, Group Yoga, Skiing, and Photography, these are just some of the activities that they can experience while working on the road.

Remote workers’ essentials from vacation rentals

1. Sustainable Working Space.

A laptop friendly space is what every digital nomad wants to see at every vacation rental and this must include some office supplies. It’s not difficult to create a working space, just put up a table or desk with some necessary items such as a pen and paper.

2. Dependable Internet Connection.

A reliable internet connection is a must for all types of guests, most especially for freelancers who depend their daily work virtually. The pad should be equipped with a strong wifi connection that can support meetings and video calls. At least 10 Mbps download speed per person and at least 1 Mbps upload speed per person.

3. Quiet Working Environment.

Some who work remotely are writers and creators, and constant noise interruptions can reduce focus. Create a space that has curtains, pillows and rugs that reduces the noise.

4. PLUS more

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Other essentials Mobile Workers want in a vacation rentals

1. Availability of Multiple Working Spaces With Good Lighting

The Bedroom, living room or even dining area could be a working space. This is why a strong and sufficient wifi coverage at every corner of the rental house is essential to accommodate our remote workers. Moreover, a good lighting system for reading and working on these spaces is comfortable in the eyes especially at night.​

2. Enhanced Outdoor Living Area

A refreshing patio where virtual workers can stay, inhale the fresh air
while working is a PLUS!

3. Comfortable Work Space and Complimentary Office Supplies

Keep your traveling professionals happy with your sustainable working space and some complimentary office supplies or tools ready at your property.

Laptop stand, extra pillows and back support are just a few examples for a level up comfort you may give to your guests. Also, giving complimentary supplies such as pen, paper, scissors or a printer could be your advantage from another listing.​

4. Fully equipped Kitchen with Coffee Maker and Tea Kettle

A cup of coffee or tea can boost focus and energy for a day of work. This will help promote your vacation rental to coffee and tea lovers. A kitchen that has cooking essentials for the purpose that save time of the guests eating outside is also an edge.

5. Washer and Laundry Equipment.

They mostly stay more than the traditional booking, and a laundry area would be a great additional amenity that will help them optimize time. Invest on automatic washer dryer to prevent major maintenance, hangers and a clothesline where guests can hang and dry their clothes.

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Additional amenities remote workers would need during their stay

1. First Aid Supplies.

Accidents may happen especially on outdoor adventures. Equipped your vacation rental for a first aid kit and have a regular check on it to make sure it always has disinfectant for cuts, bandages, an ace bandage for sprain, a sting kill pen to treat bee stung, and antibiotic salve.

2. Free Parking.

Your guests may stay most of their time in the house, but a rental car would be helpful for on the go travelers. Provide (if applicable) a parking space during their stay. If parking is not possible on your space, you can give them advise on where is the nearest
parking area they can use.

These products have been reviewed by our editorial team or other users. By using our links it helps to support our Hustle Pads Travel Magazine and we may earn commission.

These products have been reviewed by our editorial team or other users. By using our links it helps to support our Hustle Pads Travel Magazine and we may earn commission.

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